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Falling Angels
High in the sky, they stand,
Hanging on the edge,
Of life and death.
Looking down, below they see,
The dwellers of the earth below,
Rushing up too meet them.
They look at them with a sorrow gaze,
For they know all end is near,
Waving good bye, they step off the edge.
Falling with grace of snow,
The speed of a stone,
The form of a droplet.
The dwellers of the earth look up,
In fright they scream,
For the Dwellers of the sky.
But the ones, who are falling,
Don not fear, for they know,
They will receive their wings.
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The Killing Floor
If we could, we would understand,
The lives we lived,
The pain we felt,
The hopes we dreamed,
Were for not.
And yet we’re here sitting on a boulevard of dreams long gone.
Hoping and praying that we’re for not,
But the only way to make ourselves,
Feel alive,
Is too destroy; children’s dreams.
Hip, hip hooray!
Their on the killing floor,
So Lock n’ Load
And watch the dreams of children fall.
Strewn across the field,
They cry out,
What have you done?
How could you do this to us?
We were your future.
And we replied!
We were the madmen!
In your dreams,
We’ve given up on our humanity.
For our animalistic desires,
We saw you as a threat,
Coming to destroy, all that we’ve gained.
So we had to do it,
You see.
For you were on the killing floor.
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The Peoples Gun :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 1 7 High Camp Pic 2 :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 1 0 High Camp Pic 1 :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 0 0 Metro Station Pic 3 :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 0 0 Metro Station Pic 2 :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 0 0 Metro Station Pic 1 :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 1 0 One Pixel at a Time :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 7 2 MiniTommy :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 2 2 Apache Revolver :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 0 2 ThePeoplesGun :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 1 3 Health and Ammo dispenser :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 0 0 Something in the Mist :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 1 0 Zoe (Program) :icondillybod:DILLYbOd 0 2
Picking Up The Pieces
Picking Up The Pieces
What’s so good, about picking up, the pieces?
Choke on your lies, as I choke on mine!
Watch our dreams fade away!
As we scream into a hollow shell!
We once called our dreams!
What’s so good, about picking up, the pieces?
Watch our bodies fall!
Onto the fields of green!
As crimson stains the land!
With dreams of hope and love!
What’s so good, about picking up, the pieces?
Spitting dreams into our faces from the right!
And lies from the left!
Back stabbing each other in the middle!
Watching us fall apart!
What’s so good, about picking up, the pieces?
We were meant to fail from the start!
What’s the point in living a lie!
Our dreams are gone, like shattered glass!
Our minds broken, from the burdens, thrown upon us!
So why did we pick up the pieces?
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The LOLS I give...
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Hello my name is Dylan. H. I'm a 3D modeler that focuses on environments and assets. I'm also a hobbits comic artist and story writer.


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